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Looking back

December 12, 2007

It is now 1 year that i am blogging. I started it to try out how it feels to reflect my research openly. It feels good.
Even too good… if publishing in journal was same easy, and gave the same amount of positive feelings…
Best part is finding again my own thoughts, what i totally forgot. Did i write this? 🙂
Blogging helps a lot as a research reflection tool! Especially if the memory is getting tired.

Very best part is finding one very good colleague – Anatole Fuksas!

Here is the life of my weblog:
First months in my weblog were quiet, except one big hype thanks to Nancy White friends.


The visitors started to come third month, thank you for keeping eye on me, all my iCamp fans!

Thank you also George, to hype me up several times 🙂
Here is Vancouver EdMedia conference hype:
hype edmedia siemens

Here are the results of advertising me in your weblog in october:


Total Views: 15,655
Best Day Ever: 174

I think it is amazing, who are all the people coming here to read my research thoughts???