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An ecological learning design approach

November 15, 2013

I have summarized my last years ideas into the Ecological Learning Design approach.

This is the paper that i am going to present and test out on my colleagues in Tallinn University where our research is focused on various (digital) learning ecosystems.

The shorter version of it is in the slides


An Ecological Approach to Learning Dynamics

November 12, 2012

We have recently published a paper based on spatial ecological approach of supporting learning

An Ecological Approach to Learning Dynamics

Peeter Normak, Kai Pata and Mauri Kaipainen

Educational Technology & Society, 15 (3), 262–274.

New approaches to emergent learner-directed learning design can be strengthened with a theoretical framework that considers learning as a dynamic process. We propose an approach that models a learning process using a set of spatial concepts: learning space, position of a learner, niche, perspective, step, path, direction of a step and step gradient. A learning process is presented as a path within a niche (or between niches) in a learning space, which consists of a certain number of steps leading the learner from the initial position to a target position in the dynamically changing learning space. When deciding on steps, the learner can take guidance from learning paths that are effective from a viewpoint of the learning community.