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Ontobrands as prototypical stories attract stigmergic narrative mediation and swarming

January 12, 2010

As part of one paper An ontospacial representation of writing narratives in hybrid ecosystem I try to explain narrative behaviors in hybrid ecosystem using the ontospacial method. I suggest that if as part of our interaction with the world the new social software environments would be combined with the actual locations where we live, it […]


Participatory design experiment: Storytelling Swarm in Hybrid Narrative Ecosystem

November 27, 2009

I have struggled in formulating the narrative swarming in hybrid ecosystem as a participatory design experiment. It can be it is not yet simple enough for the intended book :(, but i feel i cannot cut away much more too. It is hard to present visual data in the papers, but i feel some of […]


Swarming to write narratives in hybrid ecosystem

July 9, 2009

Recent month i have been trying to write together with Mauri Kaipainen about the “Narrative ecology” course results. In principle, we come up with some theoretical baseline how writing narratives happens in new hybrid ecosystems, and how it may be represented ontologically and used for detecting more about the new standards of writing stories in […]


writing narratives as a swarm

April 22, 2009

Today I tried to map the design experiment findings from Hybrid narrative ecology on top of the foraging behavior in swarms. Every time when individual starts some narratives it leaves a trace and focuses his own attention on certain features. This makes him accumulate more similar narratives until he becomes aware of the story. So, […]


Swarm – my first search in Communities and Networks

February 16, 2009

Swarm seems not yet so popular tag (i tested in Delicious and in Technorati it is mentioned less than 100 times a day). However, i have started to believe it fits much more for describing the actual behaviors in hybrid ecologies. Today i did my first search with the very potential swarm keyword in Communities […]