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connectivity through (digital)ecosystem engineering that influences niche construction of communities

October 7, 2010

I found a nice paper in which Kevin Laland, the author of influential book Niche Construction: The Neglected Process in Evolution (2003) has co-written the paper of human niche construction from the archeological perspective. Thanks to Emanuele Bardone from Pavia Computational Philosophy Lab i got the file in the morning! It is interesting from the […]


Spatial niches of medieval knights

May 19, 2010

Anatole Fuksas, has been explaining the niche ideas in medieval courtly novels. I find the following points really interesting because for me they are related with tags as space dimensions and how we may create such spaces in course of action, what such spaces might allow us, and how we perceive and interact with the […]


Traces and niches

October 6, 2008

Here is a conceptual scheme of how activity patterns are related to niches. This is a continuation of describing how activity traces are emergent and useful in planning for individual learning paths with social media.


New about niche conceptions

September 6, 2008

Recently i have been intrigued by the niche conception and its application in the ecological learning framework common in Web 2.0 communities. Here are some papers of interest. ——————————————————————- Macroevolution of ecosystem engineering, niche construction and diversity Douglas H. Erwin Trends in Ecology and Evolution Vol.23 No.6 2008 Diversity begets diversity. Douglas (2008) has assumed […]


How do learning affordances define niches?

May 22, 2008

A work in progress for the affordance paper. Introduction An affordance term is used for signifying the intermediate constructs that emerge dynamically in the activities what people perform with certain objectives while using the environment as a mediator for these activities. Affordances indicate the certain dimension of the environment that learners actualize as the mediator […]