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An artifact ecosystem – new socio-technical regime for eTextbooks

August 17, 2014

I have just presented my ideas in Kai Pata. Mart Laanpere, Maka Eradze eTextbook as an artifact ecosystem in Future eTextbooks – FeT workshop in ICWL 2014.

Full paper:

Kristo Käo and Margus Niitsoo. MatchMySound. Introducing Feedback to Online Music Education.

o Kai Pata, Mart Laanpere and Maka Eradze. E-textbooks: towards the new socio-technical regime. (c-map of etextbooks as artifact ecosystems)

o Mario Mäeots, Leo Siiman and Margus Pedaste. Designing Interactive Scratch Content for Future E-books

o António Pedro Costa, Luis Paulo Reis and Maria João Loureiro. Hybrid User Centered Development Methodology: An Application to Educational Software Development.

o Andrej Flogie, Vladimir Milekšič, Andreja Čuk and Sonja Jelen. Slovenian “E-school bag”.

o Maka Eradze, Terje Väljataga and Mart Laanpere. Observing the use of e-textbooks in the classroom: towards “Offline” Learning Analytics.

o Terje Väljataga and Sebastian Fiedler. Re-conceptualizing E-textbooks: in Search for Descriptive Framework.

o Arman Arakelyan, Ilya Shmorgun and Sonia Sousa. Incorporating Values into the Design Process: The Case of E- Textbook Development for Estonia

Our paper with Maka and Mart discusses the niche technologies that have and possibly will contribute to the future e-textbooks as a new socio-technical regime. We propose the conceptual map of textbook functionalities aiming at opening the conceptual discussion for brainstorming and finding scenarios how the niche technologies that explored novel textbook applications in learning might be best combined into the new “artifact ecosystems” regime. Jointly with workshop participants we aim to come up with metaphors and concepts depicting learning in this regime.

Full papers are published in