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Do project tweets matter?

January 7, 2014

After first year of project (oct 2012-mid sept 2013) i have analyzed what way the project disseminated itself in twitter. It must be noted we never had a strategy, but it has been a self-regulated approach among project members who are actively using twitter.

The main findings:

  • We do not have really a commonly understood twitter dissemination strategy
  • We reach out only to ourselves and to workmates using project tag and few other institutional tags
  • We do not really know, which other hashtags to use besides our project one and nobody uses systematically thematic tags, rather some event tags
  • We talk of what we published but we don’t explicitly say what is brilliant or main point in these papers
  • we talk where we meet, and what are more notable presentations enabling access to talks
  • Sharing relevant documents that project members have found has few re-tweets among ourselves (do these documents matter enough, whats the point behind the paper?)
  • in general the tweets around public documents or events (conferences) get relatively many re-tweets, it could be a chance sharing our ideas by adding some context about the project to the re-tweet of the document – up to now sharing documents has not helped noticing LearningLayers and been re-tweeted
  • LearningLayers twitter account tweets are seldom re-tweeted even among ourselves – it seems they are just pushing information to project website twitter feed?
Tweets of LearningLayers project dissemination

Tweets of LearningLayers project dissemination