An Ecological Approach to Learning Dynamics

November 12, 2012

We have recently published a paper based on spatial ecological approach of supporting learning

An Ecological Approach to Learning Dynamics

Peeter Normak, Kai Pata and Mauri Kaipainen

Educational Technology & Society, 15 (3), 262–274.

New approaches to emergent learner-directed learning design can be strengthened with a theoretical framework that considers learning as a dynamic process. We propose an approach that models a learning process using a set of spatial concepts: learning space, position of a learner, niche, perspective, step, path, direction of a step and step gradient. A learning process is presented as a path within a niche (or between niches) in a learning space, which consists of a certain number of steps leading the learner from the initial position to a target position in the dynamically changing learning space. When deciding on steps, the learner can take guidance from learning paths that are effective from a viewpoint of the learning community.


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