Interacting with the hybrid ecosystem

March 15, 2010

We can separate the following aspects of interacting with the hybrid ecosystem:

a) Defining ontodimensions and taking personal perspectives evokes meaningful places in ontospace and contributes to the formation of the community niche;

b) Social surveillance as a participatory monitoring, empowering and subjectivity building practice in hybrid ecosystem allows dynamic awareness of the state of the ontospace;

c) Social navigation in ontospace, as a behavior of considering actions and incorporating contents of some other individuals into our own, orientates enactment with the ontospace;

d) Social information retrieval such as semantic navigation or community browsing (actualizing some ontospace dimensions and using the found contents or people to guide their own perspectives) allows individuals to focus their meaning building and action into the community niche;

e) Stimergy and swarming refer to uncoordinated interaction of autonomous agents with the dynamic ontospace (b-d), and leaving feedback to this system (a) which at macro-level causes the emergence of global coherent intelligent behaviors and agglomeration of content.


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