‘Narrative ecology’ tag-space

March 22, 2009

Tomorrow is the last day of the Narrative ecology course.

I have explored a bit my own data from the blog.

I have written three stories:
– ‘an ecology story’ is about my perceptions related to theory of narrative ecology;
– ‘an invasion story’ is about natural world invading as artifacts; and
– ‘ sustainable message story’ is about messages that are recycled on artifacts.

Here is the tag-space of my stories. There are still some problems with this exploration tool, but i think it really extracted the three stories.


Another way to look at the tag data at dendrogram shows also three clasters, so actually i WAS writing three stories.



  1. very interesting, Kai, you are using social network analysis 🙂

  2. This analysis is more of the meaning dimensions.
    The link that you sent of the book about Community analysis seems very interesting. I thought that this dataset what i have of a hybrid ecology of narratives could be very good to write into that book. But i am still hesitating. It is really tense time here and i have not finished with my thinking how is the best way to analyze all the stuff from that course.
    I would like to show certain standard trends, but much of it needs to be related with the images and it is not so easy in the papers with the illustrations.

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