ICT-use surveys in Georgia and Estonia

December 22, 2008

Tiger Leap and Deer Leap are two organizations that coordinate ICT education in partnering countries – Estonia and Georgia. As an additional task i have done this year some surveys and book-writing related to ICT teaching.

Last month we handed over the survey (in estonian) how teachers use ICT as an integrated topic in their lessons. This can be viewed from: http://www.tiigrihype.ee/static/files/49.Labivteema.pdf

Today i ended the survey of Georgian ICT use (in english).
After adding some introduction and inferences part we can hopefully make it available in net.

In Estonia the most useful method of implementing ICT into subject lessons for teaching ICT competences is individual projects. Quite some schools use it as a form of exam. We envision that the rising trend of evaluating ICT-competences in Estonia will be portfolio-method.

We are currently developing a new distributed learning environment model in which teachers and learner’s individual portfolio and collaborative resource sharing environment will be interoperable and used for various projects like the teacher and students plan.

Most interesting trend in Georgian survey was that Georgian teachers are very positive about cooperation and sharing, they are very active in using LeMill.net collaborative sharing environment for learning resources. It seems there is an explosion of collaborative project-based learning in Georgia.

Quite a lot of sad results appeared too, in spite of wish to teach ICT, teachers definitely lack of competences what and how to do in their particular subjects.

This year we wrote for Estonian teachers a book (in estonian) that is in wiki about various methods, emphasizing especially the Web 2.0 trends.

Book can be viewed http://htk.tlu.ee/tiigriope/


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