Using social learning environments at courses (russian)

November 20, 2008

Next week we have some presentations in Georgia as part of the support Estonian Ministry of Education is giving to Georgia. Here is my presentation in Russian about using social learning environments at courses:



  1. As always, great ideas, thanks for sharing!

    It is somehow strange to see these ideas and familir concepts stated in Russian. Since I have been working in English most of my professinal life I just don’t seem to have the vocabulary to talk about these things in Russian or Armenian. Which often makes it difficult to explain to my non-English speaking family and friends what I am working on. Now I know at least some of the terms! 🙂

  2. A nice basic summary with a lot of unstated assumptions, though. The basic supposition is that the learners MUST do everything online, and the question that is unanswered is WHY they have to do so. What is the main reason for doing whatever task entirely online either solo or on a team? Isn’t that because the teacher finds that convenient? …
    I am likely to elaborate on that – the topic is more than relevant to what I do in my job and studying at university now, should you feel interested here is the link to my blog http://www.englishlab.net/teflblog/2008/12/12/is-teaching-learning-purely-web-20-wise-a-must/ – don’t really want to clutter yours:)
    PS there are no such words as Интернет-медй or медиа in Russian, the correct spelling of the second word is медиЯ. You can check Russian spellings you are unsure of here http://www.gramota.ru Esimese sõna kohta soovitaks kasutada Интернет-технологий või hoopiski информационно-коммуникационных технологий (IKT vahendite/vahendeid)(mõtlen pealkirja peale)

  3. Is great to get attentive comments. I have forwarded the language comment to Pjotr, my russian is still not so good as it should be.

    What concerns your comment about if they must lear all things with computers – definitely no :), my preference is at face-to-face modes of learning. The more i do online teaching the more i see it has a lot of premises. However, some new social software tools enable to do networking tasks that add much to face-to-face activities and even cannot be easily done without computer. Especially learning from jointly collecting-annotating bookmarks and some monitoring and commenting facilities are great.

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