Collaborative video workshop impressions

February 6, 2008

This week we had the collaborative video workshop with the Helsinki Polytechnic Stadia and Tallinn Univeristy IMKE people. We aimed to try out how does collaborative video publishing work in different Project-related activities. Second aim was to develop the Fooga software.The group-work results showed that if we have a new type of tool, it also makes us to think of totally new kind of activities, not to copy previous patterns from another kind of learning settings.

Teaming up and Introducing the members
Collaborative compilation of project materials
Presentation and evaluation of projects

My own impressions were from this last team. In spite of numerous technical problems we managed to test out a multi-perspective evaluation method with the collaborative video software.
Main idea is that new evaluation paradigms expect that participants of the activity should be involved into the development of evaluation criteria. Thus each participant can first brainstorm different evaluation criteria. Later the videos of these evaluations of an activity can be restructured, compiling together certain aspect of evaluation.

Our team filmed with mobiles the discussions of other groups. These films we made separately were uploaded to the common project area. Next each of us looked these films, cut and edit them until one clear perspective was extracted. We found two perspectives what to evaluate in the group-work: the body language perspective in teams and the way team-members use the technology in their discussions. If such clear evaluation criteria were visualised through the collaborative effort, these can be used to evaluate the activities of groups, since now there is visual evidence what to look for, what to pay attention.


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