Decision support tool in action

October 16, 2007

On saturday we tested iCamp Folio with the group of learners. They had to think of the affordances they need in self-directed action. Next they could move the sliders to switch in some of the affordances. If profile was saved, they could see which tools have the needed affordances, and who of the learners has similar profile.


We also talked with Mauri Kaippainen, that there is an advancement of this software already, that fixes the most suitable selection of tools and users to the upper right corner area. So the whole area of the tool becomes more meaningful. We still need to implement it though in iCamp Folio.

Our ECTEL 07 presentation of the folio.

Theoretical Framework of the iCampFolio – New Approach to Evaluation and Comparison of Systems and Tools for Learning Purposes, Terje Väljataga, Mart Laanpere, Kai Pata, Mauri Kaipainen

Mart suggested yesterday that FOAF could be used to get learner’s expected activity affordances and their tool preferences on the basis of affordances together.

The Friend of a Friend (FOAF) project is creating a Web of machine-readable pages describing people, the links between them and the things they create and do.

This idea is interesting, and goes close to our thinking of activity system components interaction when people define their learning landscape affordance-based.


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