balance in ecological tool-action system

October 8, 2007

I just got an interesting idea when rethinking of Manovitch lecture and the reflections of my own affordance thoughts.
Let us suppose that within activity system the affordances emerge as constraints allowing/restricting some actions among many. Let’s imagine this as a trading process where internal goals make us to expect certain affordances for some actions in one hand, and the external environment with its objects and persons sort of extends some affordances culturally above others, when we perceive this environment. This is working like the balance between two systems.
Now if we think of Manovitch example, we move from toolisized theatric interface world to the seemless interfaces for actions. The balance moves from embodying externally theatrized affordances from tools (eg. mobile phones, computers) for action, towards externalizing internally created action affordances and acting them directly to the environment using seemless interfaces, bypassing the tool side.

What makes this balance to move? Anyway, this seems very ecological indeed.


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