Bruce Sterling keynote ECTEL 2007

September 19, 2007

ECTEL 07 keynote by Bruce Sterling, a fiction writer and computer science visioneer

About himself:
25 years in front of the computer
technology enhanced learning
technology enhanced literature

manual typerwriting 2 first books
3rd novel Technology enhanced literature

We don’t have technology enhanced literature, we have literature enhanced technology.

Architecture, engineering, industrial design, manufacturing – all technology enhanced…
Why are we doing it digital? Why don’t we do the real things and instead we do it over web. Are we doing actually better?

They all have same problems about software, necessity to educate people.

What it means that technology enhanced learning reaches full potential – then nothing will be left from previous order.

Nightmare scenario is also the ideal scenario, young people do not draw distinction between previous media forms and current. They live in the flow of liquid micromedia. They do not distinguish forms of media.

“I read first part of your books and then i could not get the concept, but then i went to your Flickr account and looked the graphs and i got it!”

Bruce Sterling of his new and unpublished novel:
It is about technology enhanced learning at 2050ies
Action takes place at the institution at small island,
an attention camp web 5.0 technology enhanced learning environment to do just in time learning,
everyone else in the world is horrified.
Most modern people are middle-aged women, these middle aged city women are offered a different life on the island, id-tags and they play the architecture of participation, recording everything what they see, labelling every plant day by day, weed by weed learning botany,
they use glory as the source of the community identity, the reason to be.
The most basic from women refugee camp life – from bad it becomes the real life, if communalities were found, if social networks emerged.
Social software was developed keeping in mind the gender differences, because men were not so successful and the tools became the tools of power. The camp as a search engine, learning machine.

The informal learning strategies of the society will rule.
Nobody have license, diploma in this future technology enhanced informal learning society.

Information society has no democratic patrol over digital revolution.

What will be left in 20 years of what we are doing now? New techniques, artifacts…

Its a compost a fertile soil what we do now..our roots are strong because they are in compost.



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  1. Great. I have put you on the blogroll of the EC-TEL 2007 blog http://ectel07.wordpress.com

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