public participation in web

August 26, 2007

Hanzl, M. (2007). Information technology as a tool for public participation in urban planning: a review of experiments and potentials. Design Studies, 28 (3), 289-307.

On the first image Hanzl describes the interactions between real and virtual spaces during the process of public participation in urban planning. Virtual reality 3D models and social software tools are part of this process.


Next two images depict increased levels of e-participation in different web-based systems and the types of participation according to Hudson-Smith et al., 2002.


net participation

In the table, Hanzl describes different kind of public communication and indicates is it one-directional either from authorites to people or vice versa or two-directional. This is showing in detail how some forms of web-based public communication have been ‘One-way-web’ and how new services enable ‘Two-way-web’ and two-directional communication.

augmented activities1

augmented activities 2


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