new pageflakes…worse

August 1, 2007

Last term I tested Pageflakes as my course environment – mostly for monitoring. Part of the activity was to add the rss feeds of my students’ blogs.

Ok..autumn is coming closer and i started preparations for the web 2.0 simple course for vocational trainers.

To my big disappointment i had to literally search how to add rss in Pageflakes about 30 min. It used to be so nice and simple, from front page..and now i need to do at least 3 clicks and know where to look at. It seems Pageflakes intention is to be a ready-made bookshop of feeds rather than promoting ecological information-environment creation.
I was able to complete the task only after i read ‘how to’ from Help.

Maybe i am just too critical.. but in the bug-forum i saw several people complaining the same.
Maybe after i get accommodated with all the new, Pageflakes would give some positive impressions too..but



  1. Can I suggest Netvibes? It’s similar to Pageflakes and, I think, easier to use.

  2. Oh thanks… i know that one too, i use for my personal things. But i will consider now seriously 🙂 for course.
    Pageflakes had some more functions but… they make it too complicated.

  3. I agree–it’s one of the reasons I never made the switch, although I considered it.

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