ecology of narratives

July 2, 2007

Few days ago i got an interesting email from Anatole Pierre Fuksas who writes a weblog called The Ecology of the Novel – which is his future book. Sitting in Vancouver airport I finally had time to read his interesting ideas.

I have selected few sentences which i find interesting:

A novel basically exists as an ecological feature. In that very moment (of reading) the novel start acting as a plastic organism susceptible to both textual or/and conceptual variation.

Some thoughts about it.
First thing what is intriguing is ecology concept. If to think, any ecological system is sustainable only due to these many aspects. In books and in all written narratives these many aspects are brought to living if we tell these narrations to us during reading, which brings in people with their different contexts.
So the reader makes the systems ecological?
Can the readers also make this ecology of novel out of balance or too vulnerable (if to think of the processes in real ecosystems).

It seems as if novels (and not only, actually all our written memory) is some kind of mediated ecological memory system what we bring into living. And we need to keep it in variations so that it was ecological.

Another though is that in science, this multiple narrations is somewhat resticted deliberately. Does it mean that it reduces the ecological system of scientific narratives, makes it less durable…

The Ecological Theory of the Novel mantains that perception and action are tightly connected through the narrative flow of the novel. The description of the setting features verbs, nouns and adjectives actually referring to perceptive events, sensory-related properties and body part-specific affordances of items in order to trigger action potential.

That is why the novel relies on a plastic narrative network connecting body part-related references and a modal, general-aspecific ones, pragmatically integrating perception, action, states of mind and emotions into the same vocabulary.

Reading this part made me think of what the activity theory and activity systems are somewhat missing – this states of mind and interpretational part what has so much role in interpreting the texts in hand.

Definition of ecology: Ecology is the study of the interactions between living organisms and their biotic and abiotic environments.

What is mediated ecology of meanings?

Seems my plane to Amsterdam is about to get me on board.. so i will leave the question in the air for myself.


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