note from defence

June 21, 2007

Yesterday I was listening the master defence of one of our students, Heli-Anneli Villako. Her study was about effectiveness of model-based learning. But for me the most interesting aspect came in the very end, when Ivar Puura asked her about why she was choosing Paivio’s model and is she aware of some other models. She was not able of bringing out anything specific and new (I did not understand why not the model of Schnotz from 2003?). Then this discussion continued shortly in the grading comission meeting. Ivar told that recently there was the annual Spring school of theoretical biology, topic of this year was communication theory. These Spring schools are interesting because they bring together different biologists, semiotics, informatics etc. people to discuss on one topic. So, what Ivar told was that it was very interesting how the biologists, informatics, semiotics and cognitive scientists look at information… meaning when something becomes an information in their models. He also mentioned that there is a striking similarity of these models, however the way the processes with information are discussed are quite different.
It is something i have been trying to make clear for myself in some of my studies, so it was triggering my mind.


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