Learning-yard educational tv

June 2, 2007

Yesterday i was participating in the educational tv shooting related to learning outdoors Õpiõu (Learning-yard).
My part was to demonstrate how Nokia tablets can be useful for searching information in nature.

The tv program and the learning outdoors movement in Estonia is run by my friends Mikk Sarv and Kristel Vilbaste. They try to promote the ideas from Swedish movement Lanscape-Inspiration-Knowledge-Education initiated by Anders Szczepanski.

The idea behind this learning is the following:
Outdoor education has the prerequisites to become an integrative, complementary education form in a pragmatic and progressive pedagogy tradition by offering students and teachers opportunities to learn based on observations and experiences in authentic situations.

We should create the necessary conditions for learning in interaction between text (book-learning) and non text-based practices (sensory experience) where physical activity and movement can support learning.

The activities were organised in Paide, in the park area close to the school. Two of my good friends, a couple of biologists Maarika and Peep Männil were teaching how mammals keep energy, and i let the 5th grade kids to search the smallest and the largest mammals in Estonia.

Wifi connection was organised close to the school and it worked well. The main small problems were related with shooting – tablets are too small to show anything from the screen, so i guess they filmed mainly how kids work with them. I am not sure it was the most creative way of using the tablets in education..but in tv we had only 2 min, so i guess it is not possible to plan some jigsaz learning or communication with tablets with such a short time. What i think children still need to learn is how to generalize information what they gained from search. They tend to read the text from the tablet without using their own words or summarizing.

In the end of the program the kids were asked what did they like the most: and some kids emphasised the first warm-up game where they run and jumped like different animals. They also remembered the new information what they got from internet and experiments. No kids mentioned that working with tablet was special – but maybe it has become part of normality nowerdays.

Our activity is demonstrated in autumn.


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