locative video workshop

May 14, 2007

Day 1 of locative interactive videomaking seminar in Tallinn.

The day started with short visualised intro by Chris Hales.

Locative interactive videos can be focusing on:
geographical locations
narrative – story from place, anecdote
aesthetic, landscape traditions
social use of space

Representing the place itself

Michael Naimark projects

Aspen moviemap
Sense of place, surrogate travel – videosequences, social artist
Record turntaking at home (with circular camera rotating at certain speed)
Empty dead space becoming alive if the film was projected in similar room.

Nonlinear navigation in film, certain landmarks, extra layer with additional interviews.

Tramtracks films, in each stop you can change film…but it could be done with locative filming of people who are active in the same locations.

Plazas of endangered cities: Stereoscopic round at several times of the day at these places

Road 66, my personal experience of road 66, physical installations that maps the same content, using voiceover.
Picture at every kilometer. Concept of meeting interesting people.

The project was on the rails in the room, which resembled the 66 journey with movable monitor.

Interactive vienna – characters introduce you vienna dimensions.

How places with locative film content might bring forth interactions and activities with the film or between people?

Visual narratives

Medialab Europe
Aspen movie-map revival
Media-portrate: Stories in particular area of Dublin.
Walking with handheld device the locative narrations in town.

Adding tags to visual systems
Feed in videos, fit with the category, same format main video, three mini-videos
First sequence gets subjectively related with other film sequences

Interactive cinema – evolving documentaries, feeding in nonfictional content, which becomes fictional.
Moving map of Boston, each person in group filmed in town certain aspect central area rebuilding, some were told to film local residience, city people, places.

Very often themes occurred – themes fear, economics, attack etc. keywords. Thumbnails of videos as a pool opf the space. User-configured perspectives can be chosen from the pool.

Ambient narrative, soft cinema.
Dynamically changing videos are interrelated by different closeness and can be activated differently.

Taking interviews with people, building 3D environment where to navigate geographical routs

In search of oldton
Metaphorical town oldton to talk of childhood, the stories are put on map and the fictional town develops.

Structre of the workshop process:
– constraints will be needed
(e.g. broad range of subject to fixed locations; fix theme and film it in wider range of locations (eg. movement etc.)).
– geogrphical architecture of city (add visitors viewpoints)
– interviewing local residents, this could work with the older generation: memory-based approach
– social activities related to the place, all the factors involved in the place
– Building projects of the place.

One method what we could do:
walk around and find a place of hanging around, make some basic films, interviews of the place, which other places you hang around – go to the second place and repeat the process.

Theme: soviet and postsoviet Estonia
War memorials in town and people perspectives in these

On my midnight bus travel i met again with Chris and he told that videos which he saw from our participants were too locative and not that interactive, for instance no interviews were taken.


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