teaching in web 2.0 course vol. 2

April 27, 2007

I am going to meet with my students of the web 2.0 educational technology course tomorrow in Tallinn. It is part of our research project.

The course live monitoring site in PageFlakes aggregator gives an impression how we are working.

So far they have been creating self-directed learning environments..or what they think are self-directed patterns. Tomorrow we will play in different collaborative environments and then the second homework invites people to create collaborative knowledge-building patterns and environments from distributed tools.

Give a little – get a lot! pattern


I must admit, that doing this course is a lot of fun and the ideas what come in the progress make me think how to make this kind of learning more and more constructivist..i think many ideas, which get evoked by what students do, could never be planned it in advance.


Just one example pierce of homework.

I am really waiting how they start presenting all their ideas.



  1. Great site. I like what you have done with the Public Pageflakes Page. Looks really impressive.


  2. Back from today’s teaching – i think that even though it is really difficult for some people to grasp the concept of all the new toos and open approach, it was a successful day. They presented their own designs, we had a viedeoconference between Tartu and Tallinn arguing about pros and contras of open and closed systems (i liked one comment that actually before LMS systems came, there was the same open distributed teaching with forums and emails) and we tried out different collaborating tools for their second group-based homework. It seems to work like this. But..if too many students on course it may be difficult to administrate and support the students in their own blogs.

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