Tallinn today

April 27, 2007


The story in english.

Bronze soldier in trolley-bus stop ofTallinn center before removal.


Fights in Tallinn yesterday and tonight caused damage to the shops for 50 million crones. Around 100 people were arrested, about 50 injured.

new place soldier

Bronze soldier in new place at the Military cementary. The limestone wall will be built within 1 month.

On the morning of May 2nd i received an email to my university mail from Latvian address, which invited people to donate money that the “freedomfighters” could go from East Estonian towns with buses to Tallinn.

Part of this text is quite horrible:

nasha cell zastavitt uiti v otstavku fashista Ansipa i korrumpirovannoje pravitellstvo
vernutt pamjatnik i stenu obratno na iskonnoje mesto
prosba sabotirovatt i piketirovatt vsemi vozmozhnymi sposobami reshenije pravitellstva
zadacha probitt kardony policci i snjatt ograzhdenija i palatku i ostanovitt raskopki i bogohulstvo

budet organizovana vooruzhonnyi piket, v tom chisle maski, oruzhije i gazovye balony i prochee
dlja etogo trebujetsja sredstva znachitelnye, bez vashei pomoshi my ne spravimsja s bespredelom vlastei!

I am not supporting this organised attacks from outside Estonia, against my country.

It seems quite peaceful again, at least if to believe in press. My son said that actually what press is writing at both sides is quite similar. Yesterday for instance there was a heading in Õhtuleht (a yellow paper) newspaper about the Nashi movement : Putinjugend is demonstrating to free the prizoners.

I accedientally found a paper from Washington post about the hidden war – cyber assaults in Estonia. Some attacker addresses are here.
By the way, it seems similar attacks are also done against Finland, our closest neighbour. Some wasy the situation seems like before the occupation in 1939-1940 in Estonia, when also Finland had the Winter War with the mighty neighbour.

14.06. Article in the paper with agitation.

Embodied statue:
embodied bronze soldier

Images year after
bronze soldier ghost



  1. How do I get information about the current situation in Tallinn right now (around midnight between friday and saturday). I am supposed to be there monday.

  2. I am following estonian papers who do minute to minute overviews in the center of Tallinn. But in english i don’t know what to suggest.

  3. […] Various forms of cyberwar were tested on Estonian servers in May and June 2007 after the removal of Bronze soldier, the icon of russian population in Estonia. The nature of these attacks has been analysed recent […]

  4. […] may walk in town seeing the previous location of Bronze soldier monument. Depending of our alignment to certain cultural-ideological group we may embody certain emotions […]

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