edmedia 2007 paper accepted

April 20, 2007

Our paper Semiotic Perspectives to the Students’ Conceptual Development with the Virtual Inquiry in Young Scientist Environment was accepted as full paper Conceptual and Empirical Study
So meet me in EdMedia 🙂 Vancouver in June.

Comments to the Author:
A very detailed and interesting paper, with some good (if complex!) analysis of the results. The conclusions could have been more in depth – for instance, it is mentioned that serveral aspects have been discovered from the experiment but it is unclear how these aspects will be clarified or investigated further. Overall a very interesting idea well presented.

Perhaps I will also be part of the Symposium Getting beyond centralized technologies in higher education Sebastian Fiedler is planning. He has invited me to replace Barbara’s presentation. He has invited Robert Fitzgerald, Brian Lamb, Bryan Alexander, Scott Wilson and George Siemens to participate at this symposium.



  1. Looking forward to seeing you there!

  2. […] – i found his work on my table to read and comment (a paper to Estonian journal). We have written a paper using his data which i will present in EdMedia 2007. Next experiments in his study which we didnt […]

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