affordance course day 1

April 14, 2007

Today we had the first day of our master course of Web 2.0 affordance-based instructional designs.
We are constructing together with the students a common distributed learning space for the course using blogs, aggregator, and all the rest tools, which people prefer. The tasks for students are: constructing individually an activity pattern for self-directed learning and report of its affordances, and to do the same thing collaboratively for the knowledge-construction pattern.
We launched the environment, and the aggregator was being modifyig in front of students, as new blogs emerged in the shared tag del.icio.us pages.
Two lectures were about web 2.0 and the new learning paradigms of self-directing and networking and working with collaborative artifacts and affordance-based instructional design. I was a bit afraid how the affordance-based design model will be understood, but it seemed that the emergent affordance concept of the activity systems was accepted.

I am looking forward for their designs and activity patterns.


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  1. […] far they have been creating self-directed learning environments..or what they think are self-directed patterns. Tomorrow we will play in different collaborative […]

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