situation-state space

April 13, 2007

The paper below is not very supportive from the sense of rewriting my coherence paper, but it addresses some interesting aspects:
– situation space which is defined by propositions, this idea corresponds to the meaning-space or ontological space idea Mauri Kaipainen has been developing;
– inferring about the situation, which adds coherence, this supports the situational activation ideas of cognitive resources which Hammer et al. suggest.
beliefs fluctuate during the situation, but the way beliefs in propositions influence each other are laws of nature that remain constant, it seems the framework is emergent and situation dependent, but the second half of the claim seems to contradict with it a bit, but also referrs to some consistenscy idea.

Modeling knowledge-based inferences in story comprehension
Stefan L. Frank, Mathieu Koppen, Leo G.M. Noordmana, Wietske Vonk

When the reader’s goal is to comprehend the story, the causes of the story’s events often need to be inferred, adding the inference increases the story’s coherence. The inference requires the
common knowledge.

Consistency over time. Causal knowledge does not depend on the moment in the story. Although the belief in propositions fluctuates during story time, the way beliefs in propositions influence each other are laws of nature that remain constant.

Several researchers have suggested distributed representations of propositions.
Every dimension of Golden and Rumelhart’s situation space corresponds to exactly one proposition, so propositions are represented locally in this space. Propositions are represented by vectors in a high-dimensional situation space. However, there is no one-to-one correspondence between propositions and dimensions of the distributed situation space.

The inferences contribute to the stories’ coherence.
Although inferences do not result from a search for coherence, they do cause story coherence to increase.


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