Collecting empirical evidence…

April 8, 2007

Since november I have been working with the thoughts about the affordances of the Activity System. These ideas have matured into the affordance-based Instructional Design model for supporting learning with Web 2.0 tools. This week we will launch the course to test the ideas of this ID model.
The plan is to introduce the new model and invite the students to develop two kinds of learning designs from social software:
– for self-directed learning
– for collaborative learning

Task will be developing the learning environment and describe the activity in it, using the affordance-based activity diagrams and narratives.
After both activities the evaluation of affordances of their developed Activity Systems must to be conducted.

What we aim is collecting evidence how affordances are perceived in distributed systems and distributed group settings. Of course we also aim at teaching the students how to use new tools for elearning 2.0.

The collected data will be used for describing some of the social software tools with the affordances that emerge in the activity settings…coming closer to the development of certain soft-ontology based tool that would support the selection of web 2.0 tools for certain learning activities affordance-based way.



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