Evaluation of Estonian e-learning courses

March 27, 2007

I have one week to look at the best Estonian e-learning university courses in IVA, Moodle and Web-CT. I wonder what would happen if someone presented the Web 2.0 course to the competition 🙂

However, the evaluation comission works in wiki. Is it a sign that new winds have arrived?

In a way it is a very good opportunity to get overview of the activity patterns the LMS systems afford and of course of the creativity of our tutors. I plan to take a lot of snapshops from different pattern elements and use them to illustrate our collection of patterns.

But not before some weeks, so far it is in this stage.

foorum 1

This repeated pattern says: read this text and then do your exercise and upload it to the forum. And what happens then? Nothing!

What i can see so far repeating patterns over and over again until the students will loose activeness in forums is very common.


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