March 16, 2007

It is friday again and it seems describing the affordances of activity systems and tools does not move the way how i would like to.

There are many reasons:

    thinking simultaneously of different activities when analysing one tool / thinking simultaneously of different kind of tools for one activity is cognitively too demanding;

    if i try to do it systematically it is boring, and i am not so good at knowing all the functions the tools may have, and all the ideas how to combine them into activities.

It seems we must start constraining what we do some ways..either only to iCamp trial activity patterns and only the set of tools we select.. or we need much more people doing what we try to do…

PESSIMISTIC CONCLUSION: Even though the idea seems valid from the technical point of view..the dynamic contextual changing aspect of affordances is not well covered with this approach.
It may be better if there were many people describing the same affordances of activities and tools..but we will never reach to the absolute set of affordances as they are dependent of too many things.


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