Semiotic aspects article for EdMedia 2007

March 8, 2007

I have more or less finished one article for EdMedia 2007:
Semiotic Perspectives to the Students’ Conceptual Development with the Virtual Inquiry in „Young Scientist“ Environment
By Kai Pata & Evald Sepp

This paper proposes a semiotic approach for analyzing information-processing with multiple representations in complex inquiry learning environment “Young Scientist” (Pata, et al., in press). Complex inquiry learning environments are described as semiotic tools, focusing on certain critical factors that might limit knowledge transformations with them. Critical learning aspects in complex environments with multiple representations also suggest different view to the students’ conceptual profile. The study analyses the development of students’ general conceptual coherence as a result of learning in the complex web-based multi-representational inquiry settings. The implications to the semiotic view of learning settings and conceptual development are discussed.

Pata, K., Pedaste, M., & Sarapuu, T. (in press). The formation of learners’ semiosphere by authentic inquiry with an integrated learning object “Young Scientist”. Computers and Education.


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