work distribution patterns

February 19, 2007

From Designing systems for managing dynamic collaborative research processes
Scott Wilson, University of Bolton; Yoichi Takayama, Ernie Ghiglione, & James Dalziel
Paper was presented at the TenCompetence Workshop, Manchester, January 2007

From the three patterns, my personal favourite would be the request pattern.

Russell et al (2004) identifies 43 resource patterns, many related to work distribution, within which there are three main groupings of patterns that are of primary interest, which for the sake of simplicity are named here as Allocate, Request, and Offer.

Allocate pattern, the process owner determines who will occupy which process roles. Participants have no choice in the matter, and are simply informed that work has been allocated to them.

In the Request pattern (termed the “Distribution By Offer” pattern by Russel et al (2004), the process owner initiates a dialogue with potential participants and establishes commitment to take part in the requested process can begin when sufficient commitment has been established.

In the Offer pattern the process owner publishes the requirements of the process roles, which can then be ‘claimed’ by people who wish to participate. The process can begin when the minimum required process roles have been claimed.

Russell, N., ter Hofstede, A,Edmond, d, van der Aalst, W., (2004). Workflow Resource Patterns, BETA Working Paper Series, WP127, University of Technology, Eindhoven.

Could these patterns be part of TAKING ACTION how self-directed learners could make their learning contracts to be realised in community-directed learning settings?


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