Madrid icamp meeting reflections

February 16, 2007

Two springlike days in Madrid with iCamp collaborators have been quite positive in the sense of getting the feeling how much we understand of each other’s ideas and doings.

The most promising from my work aspect seems the possibility of going on with the framework we have developed for describing the learning in social software settings with the narrative and diagrammic ways, using the Activity theory and affordance concepts we have developed.

We have agreed to compile the list of people to contact with, to get their real activity descriptions. I hope Sebastian does not forget it, and all the knowledge of such contacts is welcome also from elsewhere.

Secondly, i think the ideas what we discussed with Sebastian already in Vienna, and what he presented in Madrid about ongoing individual learning contracts seems to be fitting well in line to the activity framework.

For me the intriguing part is the relationship between individual learning contracts people follow at personal spaces, and the collaborative learning contract that might also exist or emerge during the shared activity.

I am facinated how self-directed and community-directed learning become connected in these learning contracts. I think it relates with the paradigm change in new web 2.0 situation.

Images from Antonio


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