google.docs bugs

February 8, 2007

Today we got a bit negative experiences when working with the document in google.docs. After trying to insert some new cells of table, suddenly all our text was gone.
Nice note announced us that we have helped them to find a bug.

Well..then of course we tried to restore our document from previous versions.

The main problem is, that i can see my previous versions, but it is impossible to change any of these versions to the final one for starting working with it.

It is also impossible to save as the document what you work with into another google.docs document.

If you try to export out any of the previous versions, you can export only this last corrupted one.

The only way of restoring the document was to copy the text into Word and start again a new document.
Of course, by this many of the nice settings were changed and the styles were all a mess. Especially bad were tables.

So, better avoid the Table-bug!

PS. If i was not aware of any good ways how i could have saved out earlier document..i would be thankful to know.


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