forming one’s community: a flow diagram

February 7, 2007

Here is a trial diagram of community formation on the individual-learner basis.
I hope it is not too wrong application of UML 🙂

Forming the community

The narrative description.
Example of “Getting to know” pattern
Create a blog.
Introduce yourself and your interests in the blog.
In blog entries create new content that is important to you. Demonstrate what is your standpoint. Refer to the interesting contributions that relate with your articles. Use tags what you consider relevant.

Create social visual artifact account (Flickr, Youtube etc.).
Add visual artifacts.
Tag visual artifacts.
Add artifacts to the blog.

Create a social bookmarks account.
Search interesting artifacts.
Follow the tags or tags in tagcloud to analyse, which tags might be of interest, find the versions of the tags for your blog. The appropriate tags will give you direct contact to people who use these tags for marking their contributions.

Share your tags and social bookmarks.
Join with people’s social bookmark networks.

Subscribe tags of interest.
Receive blog entries and social visual artifacts with the tags of interest, analyse tag results, find and select key people with similar interests.

Log in to RSS feed reader.
Subscribe the feeds of these people.
Make direct links between your own blog and their blog.

Refer to the people of interest in your blog.
Ask questions and respond to their contributions.
Present your own interests in blog by using same tags as the people you feel closeness.

Analyze information who are the visitors of your blog. Dashboard information may be used.

Contact with interesting persons directly and ask to work together.


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