Traffic magnet phenomen

January 25, 2007

popular issue graph

One reason why i am partly working in blog now is to trace the formation of idea-centered cluster in blogosphere. I have been observing my traffic for a month now, since establishing this blog. Finally, i had the “happy day” when instead of 10 visitors i got ten times more. My usual blog visitors seem to be collegues, and the visitors that happen to my blog randomly by searching some keywords. Well..i am blogging about specific scientific issues only…so i don’t expect high traffic.
The high peak was caused by a positive reference by Nancy White referring to one on my articles about the patterns how to find the community. She found me by tracing back one of the references going back to her blog.
What is the pattern? The traffic magnet blog entry was nothing special in itself, but it was hyped by a blog-owner with lots of connections and visibility. This caused temporarily the traffic-peak. I think the nice name for this pattern could be “hype traffic”.

The effect of the “hype traffic” may be getting some permanent visitors as suggested by this feedgraph.

Here is another example of hype after conference with well-known bloggers. One of them, George Siemens pointed to my weblog in his comments creating the massive incasion to my weblog.

hype edmedia siemens

Previously i have referred to one other pattern, that increased traffic: i would call it “abstract in heading” strategy.


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