intersubjective signs in space

January 25, 2007

I found a nice comment from Pasta and Vinegar blog about game-signs.

intersubjectivity as signs in space

This made me think of one of my earlier thoughts about intersubjectivity in space.
I had my venia legendi recently in Tallinn University about different aspects of intersubjectivity where the similar aspect was brought out how signs may be working in space as some kind of intersubjective knowledge, that each interpreter of the sign will use for certain kind of mutual activities and regulation, nevertheless in which context they are performing.

intersubjectivity image

If to think one step further from this, to our Taggin’ Tallinn community games, then maybe it is a solution to m-communities to use such signs as the indicator of the presence of some activities in real space, that would then provoke different meaning-building actions getting unified under certain label. Maybe these signs would be distributed by phones or can be seen in real space as well.


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