“Big Games” in lonely urban spaces

December 19, 2006

Nicolas Nova comments about Big games:

From Big Games and the porous border between the real and the mediated
Frank Lantz

One of the great ironies of modern life is that, although most of us now live crowded together in dense cities, urban experience can often be alienating and lonely. In Big Games we see a return to the pre-computer tradition of games as a form of stylized social interaction. Whatever else they are, these games are primarily about connecting people – a way to reclaim public space as a site for a new kind of shared experience.

Some space-related aspects:

There is no longer a clear, well-defined boundary between the virtual spaces and interactive systems of our digital experience and the concrete, tangible aspects of our physical experience
Big Game’s appropriation of public space for large-scale social play
The urge to transform public space into play spaces for connecting people
The forms of urban play re-purpose architectural space

The rules of chess create a tiny, synthetic world into which the players enter for the duration of the game. And this gamespace corresponds to the physical space of the chessboard in a way.


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