Study about augmented places “Urban juice project”

December 17, 2006

By Danisman Tasar
A very nice master study report in Interaction design.

They started from conducting an ethnographic study of tourist map usage in cities. Main issue was to find specific objects nearby (e.g. toilet, restaurant etc.). It was hard to make right decisions on spot.
They continued with user survey about their needs. Most people planned only travel issues and requested for “friend advice” about other context in places about which they possessed a mental list. Many people also collected place-related items and organising them later.

This info was organised into the categories:
getting ready for the site
using information from the site
orientation at site
documenting the site
organising captured site-information

Next, brainstorming sessions for technological solutions to the categories were held with rather interesting technique. Brainstorming ended with developing 3 scenarios of interacting with places (based on rented mobile device or dedicated software).
Scenarios for the device:
travel planning option
achieving information on-spot
tagging contextual information (images, voice recordings)
digital map
usable not only at travel but at home-town as well
using podcasts

Next phase was device design and testing its usability. The tool had sliders for filtering information by context (tourist info, travel info, site info).
Users could rate the locations with stars. The tool enables to see tourist information, as well as, information of my own journey, and the journeys of others.
The document involves 3 scenarious of using the device in urban settings.

Some other place-related mobile projects:

Yellow Arrow
a location-based text and image exchange activity that reveals the hidden stories of the places

Urban tapestries
sharing experience and knowledge in places by leaving annotated ephemeral traces, enables to grow the collective memory

a pose sensitive query device for discovering about physical places, contains gps receiver, compass and network connection

Umea studies


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