elearning 2.0 attempts from Sessums

December 9, 2006

Some interesting elearning 2.0 learning attempts in blogs from Christopher D. Sessums blog:

Weblog community created in an Elgg environment
This site is designed to support a face-to-face course wherein I created a “motherblog” that serves as an announcement space and coordination hub connecting participants and their weblogs. Each week students use their weblogs to reflect on weekly class readings and discussions as well as turn in all written assignments and projects. We also use the community space as a document distribution site for class readings and lecture notes/powerpoints.

Weblogging community (built in Drupal)
designed to support geographically separate facilitators working with classroom teachers on action research projects. This is essentially a pilot study that allows me to better understand a) what value weblogs might provide facilitators and b) how one might design an online community to support a particular practice (i.e., facilitating facilitators).

His idea is to:

Using this framework I am hoping to uncover the broad patterns of activity that participants bring to the weblog community, how participants collaborate (or don’t collaborate), how much of their thinking do they reveal (or not reveal), what might participants reveal about their own sense of self-efficacy? etc.

I think, I might be going on the very same path with him!


One comment

  1. The iCamp Trial data used the very similar idea.
    I wonder, whether in Sessums study the students used their private blogs as central coordination spaces for themselves (what didnt work in iCamp trial) or did they also post anything regulation-related to the motherblog…so that in the end the motherblog served as central space for regulations as well?

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